Treatment Programs

The Lighthouse Recovery tailors and provides personalized needs-based outpatient addiction treatment programs.

Individual Treatment Programs

Individual therapy is perhaps one of the most effective drug addiction treatment modalities providing patients with a safe space, emotional stability, and absolute privacy. The core of individual therapy is based on trusting counselor-therapist relationship and is aimed at learning effective coping strategies. This collaborative treatment environment helps the patients to identify core fears, underlying psychological issues frequently related to the presence of co-occurring mental health disorders, and to address addiction triggers as well as use new skills to process negative emotions and succeed in recovery.

Group Treatment Programs

While the individual therapy is perhaps one of the most effective drug addiction treatment modalities, the group therapy provides the most effective support to someone who is recovering from the drug or alcohol addiction. The core of the group therapy is based on group support provided by the network developed for you and facilitated by counselor-therapist relationship. Your support network may involve people trying to help you to overcome the addiction. Such people include healthcare professionals, friends, and family members. The network and the connections built for you are critical for long-term recovery. Additionally, the collaborative treatment environment provided by the group helps the patients to relate their core fears, address addiction triggers that are frequently similar to other group members and acquire new skills that were successfully used by other group members to process negative emotions and succeed in recovery.

Family Treatment Programs

Substance use disorders, in many cases, associated with a need to escape feelings of guilt or embarrassment that the patient feels he or she has caused to the family. Therefore, the most important element of the Family therapy is the way how effectively the family therapy helps to rebuild relationships that were effectively weakened by the addiction, stress, and conflict associated with addiction. Additionally, our patients learn new ways to communicate with your loved ones. Our family therapists specialize in addiction and make this family component an important element of our addiction treatment program.

Case Management Program

After your treatment is completed and you are getting ready to leave a rehab program, it is very difficult to face the realities of life after the addiction. Many former patients need assistance so they can face life’s challenges, and stress without the support they received in treatment. Our case management program provides you the assistance and support you need, allowing you to rely on the recovery foundation you have established in the treatment.

Peer Support Program

Addiction recovery is based on effective support. That is why when you seek treatment for addiction, getting support from the people around you is essential. Peer support group provide vital and constant support as you move from one phase of your recovery to the next. Peer based personal relationships with other people in recovery help you to learning from other peoples’ experiences, managing your addiction triggers and establish accountability and support system from the people around you without judgement and the feeling of guilt.


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